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Canadian Bird Club Web Sites
Alberta Parrot Association Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada
BC Avicultural Society BC Exotic Bird Society
Canadian Parrot Sympoium (West) Central Island Bird Club
Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society Calgary Parrot Club
Durham Avicultural Society Eastern Canadian Avian Association (ECAA)
Hamilton & District Budgerigar & Cage Bird Society Northern Alberta Cage Bird Society
Okanagan Bird Club Ottawa Bird Fanciers Society
Ottawa Parrot Club Parrot Association of Canada
Parrot Club of Manitoba United Gloster Breeders
Southern Alberta Cage Bird Society Vancouver Island Cage Bird Society
Vancouver Canary Club World Parrot Trust
Western Canada Budgerigar Club Canadian World Parrot Trust

Canadian Bird Toy Sites

Dusty's Bird Toys - Acrylic Bird Toys built by Dusty Chewzy Beaks Parrot Toys - need we say more?
Canadian Bird Toys - Scooter approved! Birdy Boredom Busters - Top quality parrot toys
Parrotdise Perch - Online store with everything you need for your parrot and more!
Canadian Bird Sites
Avian Treats 'N Toys - We offer an exciting array of organic parrot foods and an assortment of unique and stimulating top-quality bird toys!
Angel Dreams AviaryQuality breeder of Quakers, Indian Ringnecks, Green Cheek Conures,  Sun Conures, Whiteface Violet & Whiteface Silver Lovebirds.  (LUMBY, B.C.)
Birds Exotic Aviary - Hand-raised fancy Lovebirds, Kakarikis, Red Rumps, Senegals and Linnies.
Audrey's Aviary - Canadian Distributor of Avi-CultureTM - a live, avian-specific probiotic
Flew The Coop Aviary - Avian Artist (Pastels & Painted Vases) and Quality breeder of Senegals & Blue-headed Pionus - located in the beautiful, sunny Fraser Valley of B.C.
Love Those Tiels - All about Cockatiels and MUCH more!
M & L Aviaries - Double yellow headed amazons.
Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary - Greyhaven is a registered non-profit society located in Surrey, British Columbia, specializing in parrot rescue, refuge and adoptions.
The Bird House K & K Aviary - Specializing in hand-fed cockatiels
My Feathered Friends (BC) - Budgies and lovebirds
Robirda's Canary Pages (BC) - Canary cam, stories, basic care, breeding, Q&A
Bluesky Aviary (AB) - Macaws, greys, conures, eclectus, amazons, lots of information and pictures
BSA Parrot Products - Parrot sprouting mixtures and toys!
Paint It Black Aviaries (AB) - Lovebirds, cockatiels, finches
Crimson Sky Aviary (MB) - Lineolated parakeets, cockatiels, kakarikis, ring neck doves
The Best Little Hen House (MB) - Breeder of hand-raised companion parrots:  Eclectus, Hawk-Heads, Congo African Greys and Amazons
Prairie Aviaries (MB) - Large parrots
Homestead Aviaries (BC) - Congo African Greys, B&G Macaws, Cockatiels and Senegals
Homestead Hatchery  (ON) - Standard & Rare mutation Cockatiels, Lineolated Parakeets, Dusky Pionus
Milkwood Aviary (ON) - Cockatoos, greys, macaws, pionus, conures, amazons, eclectus, Alexandrine parakeets
Exotic Wings & Pet Things (ON) - Pet shop specializing in exotic birds and their related supplies
Brian Eddy's Amazons (ON) - Amazons, information on breeding and keeping. Pictures.
Twin Peaks Aviary (ON) - Congo African Greys, Timneh African Greys, Alexandrines, Severe Macaws
Longo's Aviaries (ON) - Amazons, macaws, conures, caiques
Beaverbrook Aviaries (ON) - Greys, cockatoos, amazons, macaws, conures, pionus
Sunset Aviaries (ON) - Conures, cockatoos, cockatiels, caiques, hawkheads
On African Wings (SK) - Greys, meyers, red bellied
WYC Aviary (ON) - Ringneck parakeets, budgies, cockatiels
Song of the Serengeti Aviary (ON) - Lovebirds

Little Delights Aviary (ON) - Parrotlets

Southside Aviaries (ON) - Bourkes, RF karkarikis, budgies, cockatiels, barred parakeets, red rumped parakeets
Lady Gouldian Finch Canada (ON) - Gouldian Finches & Erythrura Mutations
Marsh Hill Breeders (ON) - T. greys, senegals, pionus, conures, ringnecks, E. rosellas, cockatiels
Aviart Aviaries (ON) - Conures
Bird Fever (ON) - Amazons
Avon Aviaries Canada (ON) - Macaws, cockatoos, greys, conures, caiques, lories
Andean Aviaries (ON) - Senegals, greys, amazons, conures, cockatoos, macaws, pionus, cages and equipment
Parrot Farm - Greys, pionus, red bellied, senegals, cockatiels, meyers, caiques, jardines, brown headed, conures, cockatoos
Birds of Paradise Aviary (NB) - Breeders of Red-sided Eclectus, Double Yellow Headed Amazons, and Congo African Greys.
Paradise Aviary - Normal and whitefaced cockatiels
General Venture Parrot Toys - Small, medium, and large parrot toys
Feather Care - African greys, cockatiels, parakeets, parrotlets
Sunny Day Aviary - Lovebirds, cockatiels, bourkes, goffins
Other Bird Links
The Bird Park UK
The Macaw Landing Foundation
Animal Sciences Davis- Psittacines Research Project
Jurong Bird Park
Phoebe And The Magic Pond - The Bird That Fed Goldfish
Bird Placement Program Inc.
ECO world -Birds
Bird Names -Bird Bytes
Birdlife International - conserving the world's birds
Bird Hotline - World Wide Lost & Found
911 Parrot Alert - International site for Lost & Found fids
911Parrot Alert Canada - Canadian Site