BC Exotic Bird Society


Adoption and Rescue

Finding homes for birds in need

For information please contact Ken at 604-762-4074 or Kelly at 604-762-1742 or adoption@bcexoticbirdsociety.org

PLEASE NOTE: We are a CANADIAN club. We can only adopt the birds in our program to CANADIAN homes. We also DO NOT SHIP OUR BIRDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Shipping is too stressful on birds.

Our objectives are to take in birds in need of new placements for whatever reason; to find them a caring home by process of application. In the case of a found bird, efforts will be made to locate the owner and return the bird. If you can no longer keep your bird, or know someone in this position, please contact us at adoption@bcexoticbirdsociety.org . We will endeavour to find your feathered friend a wonderful home.

Adoptive and Foster Homes

We have an Adoption Committee of five persons appointed from our membership. Following guidelines established by the committee, the program operates in the following manner.

When we accept a bird or birds into the program they will be placed, for no less than 30 days, in a foster home selected by the committee.

During this time we will evaluate each bird as to general health, diet, condition, and personality so that it can be adopted into an appropriate environment.

The adoptive and foster homes are selected by process of application submitted to the committee. During the adoptive and foster process, if needed, we will request to do a home visit. Home visits are usually required when the person applying to adopt or foster is unknown to the committee members. We list the birds looking for adoption, each month in our society newsletter.

The emotional needs of pet birds being fostered or adopted are to be met through companionship, either human or bird.

We require that if at any point in time the adoptive home cannot keep the bird that it be return to the Society's Adoption Program for reassessment and adoption. For more information on the adoption procedure, please consult the Adoption Mission Statement.